Sensually Spirited Scents

Here at The School of Beautiful Things, we are fascinated by fragrances. The alchemy, the history, the allure, and the universality of using an aroma for everything that goes well beyond making things smell better.

We love perfume because…

• It gives us the Feels: perfumes have the power to evoke feelings of love, lust, power, energy, happiness, peace and calm.

• It triggers Memories, you know, Like the Smiles We Left Behind. Scent literally can make your brain remember the feelings you felt at a particular moment in your life.

• It’s your ID: Persian kings used to have exclusive scents for which they were renowned throughout their lands. In our modern times, lots of people are known throughout their social and business circles by their signature scent.

• It’s a Mood Booster: Much like the power pose or invisible superhero cape you use when you need to do hard things, perfume can work to boost confidence, elevate your mood, and signal to the world that you’re ready to take it on.

Ok but why do we really, really love perfume? Because of things we’ve heard like: “Her scent is intoxicating,” “I breathed him in and felt weak in the knees,” and “one whiff and I was drunk in love”.

Oh the power of it all…

Realizing the connection between 2 of our favorite things, spirits and scents, we did some sniffing around and behold the Boozy Perfumes! Truly a spiritual experience!

You know there’s something wonderfully rich and mellow about the smell of a fine bourbon, the malted smell of peat, the gentle smell of a well-executed, high quality rum. Liquor also embodies a wide variety of nuances, from dark mellowness to sharp, almost stinging, astringent high notes. Think of a full-bodied red wine and the long range of notes you’ll experience in its taste and smell… it’s really no different when such accords are used in perfume.

Liquor notes in perfume satisfy a particular part of the brain that seeks out external stimuli. They evoke the rush or “high” of the simultaneous stimulant and “chill” from a shot of whiskey. Boozy notes can turn a perfume from a two-dimensional idea to a real full-bodied scented experience!

So whether you like your drink to be crystalline clear or refreshing, or smokier with a deep scent, there is something for everybody. But don’t worry, you won’t smell like booze, just its best rendition that might stir some blissfully buzzed memories. Best of all, spirited and sensual fragrances like these won’t ever give you a hangover – but they may blissfully intoxicate others around you.